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Oranom Home Systems

These systems are designed for the average home user, they have all the power and reliability that a home user requires and are also upgradeable.

Oranom Corporate Systems

These systems are specially designed with the corporate user in mind, and are built to conform to current hardware specifications. The systems will adequately handle the day to day demands of the corporate world.

Oranom Servers

These servers are more than adequate for the small to medium business environment and will adequately handle multiple users and remote access, as well as many other features required in our current security conscious world.

Oranom Gamers Systems

These systems are a gamer's system, designed by gamers for gamers. They are fully upgradeable to your specifications and we are more than happy to liaise with you in designing a system to suit your needs.

Oranom Compact Systems

These systems are specifically designed to fit into tight places, we recommend these systems to people who have limited space in their home or office. They would also be great for the campervan or the boat, the possibilities are enormous unlike the system.